Genarcissus LP

by AT4

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released September 10, 2008

Words by Synd
Sounds by Seisak, Synd and Jenocide
Mix and Mastered by Synd
Cover Image by Jesica Goheen




AT4 Olympia, Washington

There is nothing. There is nothing. There is nothing. There is nothing. There is nothing. There is nothing. There is nothing. Everywhere. There is nothing. There is nothing. Escaping memory, clinging like barnacles to a burning ship. Fire Ships. Snow stars and sickness selecting foggy falsification from freezing concrete pasts. This is all an outcome. Never. Will there be? Nothing.

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Track Name: Liquid Degradations Wake (Cryptology Version)
In Liquid Degredations Wake I Drown
Silent Dissolution Increasing Further Down
Sinking Closer into the Abyss
Completeness Lost Some Features Dismissed
Elapsed Memories of worn out sky
Embracing dreams lingering lifeless
out mind they were silenced in violent embrace
Fallen Agenda Fallen urge
Fallen motivation all innovation
reduced to a queer minimal
recalcitrant recidivation
It Never Was Anything
It Will never be Anymore
Black Steel Tallon Slicing
Algae Writing midst Currents diving
in Liquid atmosphere
This Liquid Atmosphere that you call ambition
Confession: It was a war of Attrition
Track Name: The Fall
Falling farther to silent waters
Each dream another absent martyr
Experiences left so cold and dank
Humanitys overflowing cesspool tank
consumes the earth was cursed since birth
a snarling form - mandragora thorn
imbued with scorn to strike and poisen the unborn
with traceless venom that erodes perception
this life is only deaths invention
lifeless death and deafness strike
deadeaned eyes and sightless crys
of a race to service flies
and the creatures that in shadows hide
and lie in wait to learn the fate
and watch violence accelerate
to the cold and coming end of days
what could have been is now a haze
of a funerl pyre of dreams desire watch them die

Spiral down towards the abyss
Metallic sting of a static kiss
of joyless beings of vanity and greed
consumed by want and how they need
to fill the tank of their SUVs
and sit in the drive-through as long as they please
to feed the ones that make them live upon their knees

the fall of man
the fall of earth
the fall of everything no rebirth
Track Name: Mierda Sroseg
Magnanimous screams from magniloquent dreams
Slandered in tongues of an ominous breed
They Hate This
They Know Nothing at all
Magnolia trees out the window we see
Gather to embrace flourescent smog
I know this city's gone
It's lost its self to apathy
This apathy has replaced all you see now

Now, we're standing at the end
This Low Red Moon descends
To claim the fate of the golden eyed hate it found
Now, Im kneeling at a lie
where the pacific meets the sky
The stars double in the sea we saw
Zodiacal light recalls a time
You crawled inside my mind
And desecrated everything inside

You've wasted time
You've wasted mind
You've wasted time with your mind
You've wasted your mind this time
and now there's no hope left to find.
Track Name: Paranoid (featuring Graawwr)
O contagion, virus, Ripe for the path of glory
It breeds from your skin, Reared on ignorance and bred by sin.
And slowly the land will turn to dust
Trapped in this shell, I am so Paranoid
This is my Eternity, This is my Hell

And what is left will be a masterpiece
For all the dead to see
It has Remained A Constant, Potential Luck
Obtained from gods that all out plans
We have broke ourselves for have gone wrong
Track Name: p'Acentelit Le D
Drown in the wake of Time
Track Name: Thou Shall Kill (Empty)
Thou shall kill in the name of thy imagination
Thou Shall Kill
Thou Shall kill in the name of thy imagination
Thou Shall kill in the name of god

He will deliver me
These visions were a prophecy
I must purify the heresy
Brought upon by my family
They have become posessed
My lord shall attest
It is not for the best
That they remain this way
So as I lay them down to sleep
I pray the Lord their soul to keep
I know that they will wake to find
Themselves in angelic chorus lines
I hold a pillow to their faces
As I slit their throats

I'm killing every family member one by one.
Their crimes against god will come undone.
I reach the end and There is one thing more
Torch the house to purify these whores

I collapse in the street, gods job is done.

What is this?
I feel myself being attacked.
I feel handcuffs on my hands behind my back
I see metal bars out of an empty room
More demons alive staring grinning doom
I killed them for you lord and you have betrayed me
You have betrayed me
Track Name: Fading
This life
This memory that I hold
Warping fading my sense of home

So what is left now I can not see
Purity fades to obscurity
Soo many years inside my pain
All your words now all seem the same
This life this memory that I hold warping fading this sense of home
Warping fading your sense of home

This life this lack of sanity
This hope for things that will not be
Has consumed a life in dreams
That wakes to find it can not breathe
Chasing the ghosts of other lives
Until I'm lost and can not find
Ways back ways out ways anywhere
Trapped in mirrors that just don't care

A prison of mirrors
Reflect, it's blurred
I smash it
take a shard
cut my throat
and fade
I fade hard
Track Name: Hesneddis
Dawn Arises
Silence Fading
Solitary Echo Still Felt Waiting
Intentions Blurred and Buried Beneath the Fields of Crystal Sand
(Wandered here for so many years, It was longer than I planned
I collapse in exhaustion and feel myself sink through past the middle of an hour glass

meaningless fragment of a forgotten past
Lifetime lived just a fraction of another

Sidestepping Sophistry on Recalcitrant Thought
Left Enchained, Damaged, Taught
Too Many Views
With all the C0L0RS and huEs
and angles slightly skewed by these bore sore eyes
I tear them out like birth
Toss them to the Earth
I've better things to see
Clastic dreams held together in sentiment
Matterless Breccia overwhelmed by regret

I never thought that this would last
I never think that I would have thought

Cacophony in my head dwindled to a silent wordstorm
I have procured by endurance a weathered shapeless form