Life Unworthy of Life EP

by AT4

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released March 15, 2008

Words by Synd and Jenocide
Sounds by Seisak, Synd and Jenocide
Mix and Mastered by Synd
Cover Image by Justin Lefebvre




AT4 Olympia, Washington

There is nothing. There is nothing. There is nothing. There is nothing. There is nothing. There is nothing. There is nothing. Everywhere. There is nothing. There is nothing. Escaping memory, clinging like barnacles to a burning ship. Fire Ships. Snow stars and sickness selecting foggy falsification from freezing concrete pasts. This is all an outcome. Never. Will there be? Nothing.

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Track Name: Liquid Degradations Wake (Album Version)
In Liquid Degredations Wake I Drown
Silent Dissolution Increasing Further Down
Sinking Closer into the Abyss
Completeness Lost Some Features Dismissed
Elapsed Memories of worn out sky
Embracing dreams lingering lifeless
out mind they were silenced in violent embrace
Fallen Agenda Fallen urge
Fallen motivation all innovation
reduced to a queer minimal
recalcitrant recidivation
It Never Was Anything
It Will never be Anymore
Black Steel Talon Slicing
Algae Writing midst Currents diving
in Liquid atmosphere
This Liquid Atmosphere that you call ambition
Confession: It was a war of Attrition
Track Name: viole(N) si(O)l
Twilight cultures
Having faltered
Demateralized back door vultures
Incessant Pain chained to brains
temporary words forever in vain
in vein
in vain

Silence fading falling calling kindness stalling stop
and watch this stopwatch click tick trickle to memories fickle
rumination leading lacrimation to this sensation stop-
and watch
and watch
and watchtchhss

Violence Silence fading
falling calling blindness
stalling stop and watch
this stopwatch tick click
trickle to memories fickle
rumination leading lacrimation
to this sensation stop these
temporary words forever deranged
Shouldering black bound track
infused with mental handicaps
sideways battle stance over
over over and ending over
under seas above the stars
amnesia forgot ourselves
tumbling down stairs
to the piano room
collectiong moments of sanity
as we fall
displace them all

this violent singing
your violent song
now you've forced us
to sing along

this violent singing
our violent song
seems to tell us
to get along
Track Name: Dangerous Nightmare
Eyes Bleed out in the moUrning light
I can't sleep now can't loose the fight
The scenery begins to drift away
consciousness knows that it can not stay

Close your eyes - Dangerous Nightmare
Everything dies
Summons forth your fear

Group of Images Haunting me
Relentless taunting in my dreams
I can not sleep I can not slumber
Demons ss s s take me under

The dream is real the fear you feel
They whisper thoughts you must conceal
The dream it breaks and then you wake
Inside that dream - you Hesitate

Group of Images Haunting me
Relentless taunting in my dreams
I can not sleep I can not slumber
Demonsss take me under...
Track Name: Trapped in Time
Recreation! This God damned city
Universe has forgotten Progression
Obsession with perfunctory refrain
just different faces, Different names
It's clear to see the inanity
Sprawl across these dawn-lit streets
We're beaten down by our own machines
Time stealing life - it's just another disease

These events have taken place before
this city recites it's script word for word
a tired play rewrites another day
surroundings model us like clay

The actors find themselves the suture
Of past, present, and the future
We happened before, we'll happen again
How original we thought... hahahaha
How original we thought but this might never end

we're trapped
we're trapped in time
we're trapped
repeat repeat repeating this line
it's trapped in time...
Track Name: Thou Shall Kill
Thou shall kill in the name of thy imagination
Thou Shall Kill
Thou Shall kill in the name of thy imagination
Thou Shall kill in the name of god

He will deliver me
These visions were a prophecy
I must purify the heresy
Brought upon by my family
They have become posessed
My lord shall attest
It is not for the best
That they remain this way
So as I lay them down to sleep
I pray the Lord their soul to keep
I know that they will wake to find
Themselves in angelic chorus lines
I hold a pillow to their faces
As I slit their throats

I'm killing every family member one by one.
Their crimes against god will come undone.
I reach the end and There is one thing more
Torch the house to purify these whores

I collapse in the street, gods job is done.

What is this?
I feel myself being attacked.
I feel handcuffs on my hands behind my back
I see metal bars out of an empty room
More demons alive staring grinning doom
I killed them for you lord and you have betrayed me
You have betrayed me
Track Name: Death Unworthy
Kill away this Numb brain cell
Your fleshy hell
Silence every bell that tolls when everything goes away

kill this feeling
kill it away
I have stopped to pretend that everything's okay
Time is tipping - curved glass falls over